Board portal software is an online application for managing the people and processes which schedule, record and regulate meetings between a board of directors and its management team. It provides secure remote access to meeting materials from any internet-connected device. Board members can log in using any mobile browser or web-browser from their iPhone, iPad, or other tablet. This means they are able to access meetings and documents at any time and from devices they use regularly for work or leisure.

A board portal can cut down on paper use, increase director engagement, and provide secure online collaboration tools to help improve the governance process. It also helps to save time and money by replacing costly printing, shipping and emailing of physical materials. A good portal for boards lets administrators assign permissions and create a single source of truth for all information that enhances transparency and accountability.

It is essential to carefully examine the features that are likely to be the most valuable for your company when choosing the best board portal. Find a software that has a great rating and board meeting software numerous positive reviews on reputable independent review sites for software like Capterra and G2.

Modern board portals provide an extensive array of security and collaboration tools that are easy to use by administrators, but offer real value to boards. Instead of having to go through e-mail updates and attachments, which could easily be lost or muddled board portals allow directors to make comments on documents and other files, on any device or platform, in real-time and simultaneously. This makes it easier to prepare for meetings, and to attend them and ensures that board members are using the most up to current versions of documents, even when they travel across continents or across countries.